Melanie Battaglia

Melanie is an experienced litigator and a strong and compassionate advocate. She leads the firm’s litigation practice, representing individuals in family, civil, estate and education matters as well as representing the firm’s not-for-profits, charities and social purpose organizations in civil litigation and human rights matters. Prior to joining PooranLaw, Melanie maintained a civil and family litigation practice at prominent Bay Street and family law boutique firms. She has also acted for family, estate and real estate lawyers in professional negligence matters. She has successfully represented clients at various levels of court, including as counsel in trials and in mediation and arbitration and before administrative tribunals.

Melanie’s family law practice encompasses all aspects of family law issues and she advocates for her clients through negotiation, mediation/arbitration, collaborative practice and when necessary, litigation. Melanie gained valuable experience working with some of the most highly respected family law lawyers in the province representing clients with a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds, including high net-worth families. Combined with her experience at one of the top civil litigation firms in Toronto, she understands corporate law issues in family law matters relating to shareholders’ remedies, tax and complex support, equalization and business valuation issues. She has acted for small business owners, lawyers, wealth advisors, CEOs, engineers, physicians and other healthcare professionals, and artists, among many other individuals in a range of industries. She understands the nuances of her client’s businesses to negotiate the valuation and income calculation issues to successfully resolve their family law matter. Melanie brings a practical and reasonable approach to her practice and is child-focused when negotiating parenting issues for her clients. She has a particular expertise in supporting people living with a disability and she understands first-hand some of the challenges that her clients may face when supporting children with a disability. Melanie achieves a resolution of her client’s family law matter that is tailored to the unique special needs of their children and negotiates for her clients long-term supports and plans of care to the extent possible to ensure the well-being of their children’s future. When necessary, she provides her clients with access to the appropriate supports, accommodations and professional and other legal services they require to successfully resolve their family law disputes.

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